Surf City Studios

Recording Studio - Huntington Beach - Because your tone matters

Recording and Rehearsal Studio

The Live Room

The fantastic sounding live room features a neoprene elevated hardwood floor, custom pine deflectors, and a footprint of 20' (L) x 12' (W) x 8' (H).

A silent climate control system keeps the artists cool, while the available gobos make it easy to record a full band at once.

When booking a rehearsal, you get the entire studio to yourself. Stop fighting the room next to you in volume, and get the best results out of your rehearsal sessions. 


The intimate control room is tuned perfectly to ensure that your track translates to every sound system, from high end home speakers to $3 ear buds.

It features multiple monitoring systems, high end mic preamplifiers, eq's, and DA/AD converters. We also have most major DAWs available: Pro Tools, Studio One, and Logic Pro.

Any tracking session includes one of our engineers, but we also welcome freelance engineers that would like to use the entirety of the studio for their own projects.


The vocal booth is comfortable and relaxing, looking directly info the control room. We have a wide selection of fantastic vocal mics from you to choose from, as well as customizable headphone mixes to dial in just the right sound when tracking.


The lounge is the perfect place to hang out in between takes, have a quick meal, or work on those final changes to your track.