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JOhn Hugo Gonçalves

John is a recording and mixing engineer from Lisbon, Portugal with more than 20 years of the most diverse experience in the media/music/entertainment business. In each of these fields, he’s gathered experience that brings a different perspective to the mix. He knows how a musician feels, and understands how the consumer listens. This, in addition to his ear for quality, is a massive advantage when working on your project. He has experience with Blues, Rock, Jazz, House Music, Hard-Core, Punk and Metal.


Michael Giardina

Michael has more than 15 years of experience as a recording and mix engineer. From tracking Long Beach bands on his Boss BR-8 in the early 2000s, to founding the hardware company, Vermilion Audio in 2013, Michael’s passion for music is evident in each facet of his music production. This passion extends to every session and every client with whom he works. His experience includes all styles, with a specialty in Indie, Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B and Jazz.